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Update your 4th Gen with 5G Ram LED HD tails! This simple plug n play harness updates your truck to the new 5G 19+ look.  

We have 2 versions of this harness - depending on your selection for turn signal color (amber or red).  Both are plug n play (no splicing of wiring on your truck).

Amber turn signals - This harness plugs into your factory 7pin trailer wiring (behind the bumper) and will split brakes & turns, and provide power for your 19+ Ram HD tails. All functions work as they should.  The 7pin connector is a pass through connection, still allowing you to use your stock 7pin connector.  

Red turn signals - A simpler version of our adapter, as it doesn't not require splitting the brake & turn functions.  This adapter goes direct from your OEM tail light connectors to the new tails (no 7 pin trailer wiring connection needed).   Turn signals will flash the brakes, as your 4th Gen tails do now.