DJM KIT 97-03 FORD F150

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When the 97 F-150 was introduced it brought a new generation of suspension to Fords. Gone, at least on the F-150 was the “Twin I-beam” and a new way of utilizing upper and lower control arms began and is still evolving today.

This kit, for the first time lowers a F-150 with Calmax Control Arms! A 4/6 kit, Calmax upper and lower arms matched with a 2″ drop coil provide the 4″ front drop while the rear is lowered with a 6″ rear leaf spring axle flip kit. The flip kit has all necessary hardware including “C-sections” and the Calmax arms are sporting new ball joints, urethane bushings with DJM’s”Twin Tube” pivots all installed here at the factory!

Recommended parts:

  • Front Shock number 1415 (sold each)
  • Rear Shock number 1910 (sold each)

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